Stories About Lollies

When we think about our childhood we can’t help but remember the lovely madness associated with lollies. There were Strawberry Ripple lollies, traffic light lollies, double-dip lollies, Love hearts dip and many more kinds of lollipops. You wouldn’t find one person who wasn’t obsessed and amazed with the many variants of lollies available those days. These retro lollies always manage to bring about a sense of nostalgia to individuals who were obsessed with them when they were little. However, since these retro lollies are easily available in wholesale sweet shops you do not need to live in the nostalgic past. These wholesale shops are even more passionate these days making it easy and convenient for people to indulge in numerous varieties. The fact that newer varieties are even more tempting make these retro lolly shops hugely successful.

Apart from the flavors one is used to in traditional candies, these days manufacturers have introduced better flavors that are absolutely amazing. One would never have thought about enjoying the flavors in a lolly. Finding maple bacon, Bourbon, hot Lemon Ginger in a lolly is not something that you even would have dreamt of. Though these flavors are not all sweet compared to those lollies that were available initially, they are surely worth trying.

That’s not all that is happening with lollies these days. Manufacturers have come up with lollipops that can actually clear tooth decay. These lollipops have a particular ingredient that helps in killing Streptococcus bacteria which generally causes cavities. This lollipop is licorice flavored and so easy to suck on. Another type of lolly incorporated with licorice base helps smokers quit smoking. Licorice is a natural herb that has a property by which they can curb cravings for nicotine. And finally the availability of lollipops that help with weight loss by reducing cravings for foods rich in fat.