Teach Kids in Making Cotton Candy

Not will your child enjoy the treat himself, but is making him help you about making the sweet, sugary product, he will learn valuable lessons about work. And with cotton candy as your starting point, your child will associate work and industry with enjoyment and fun.

Of course, safety will be your utmost concern here, as you would not want your child’s opportunity for learning end up in disaster. Follow the steps below so that your kid will have fun learning:

1. Let your child plug in the candy floss machine. Make this an opportunity for you to vividly explain to your child about the dangers of improper handling of electrical device. Be sure to assist your child how to properly do the plugging the first time you make him do it.

2. Allow your child to scoop out sugar as specified in the directions. This step is a perfect opportunity to explain to your child about measurement. Have the child mix the sugar with a small amount of a specified food coloring. This is a perfect time for your child to understand that there is always enough of everything.

3. Have you and your child wait about 3 to 5 minutes for the cotton candy to form. This particular step will make your child realize the value of proper time and waiting. This is also an opportunity for you to explain to your child how cotton candy is formed. Catch your child’s attention by explaining how the sugar is melted first and converted into a liquid inside the machine’s extruder, after which it is thrown out through the tiny holes surrounding the extruder, finally solidifying into threads of spun sugar.

4. Teach your child how to collect the finished product with a paper cone. Remember that even adults need repeated practice before attaining perfection in making something, and this is so much more true for a child. In this step, you can arouse your child’s creativity by explaining to him the many different ways how the finished cotton candy is collected from the machine, and the endless ways to present the finished product.

5. Let your child participate in cleaning up the mess after being done with your cotton candy making session. Let him help you in cleaning the parts of the candy floss machine, using a cleaning sponge and washing it with warm water.