Must Eat Sweets

On contrary to the common belief, a healthy person should always have a dessert after every large meal; doing this is even more important for you if you are a non-dieter. Nutritionists encourage inclusion of a dessert into every large meal as it helps in preventing feelings of deprivation. Most of us tend to do things that we are said not to do; so, when we decide that we will strictly stay away from indulgences, we often end up consuming more of them. Making them regular part of our lives will reduce our cravings for unhealthy food items.

A study conducted recently has revealed that regular consumption of dark chocolate, which is apparently a high calorie food item, is a great way of diminishing sugar craving. During the study, a group of people were allowed to consume dark chocolate every day for a certain period of time. The members in this group were found to consume 15{ed0a7c9e178df9eb5b220bc152ba91da3e8b2ed20a019775b54a2fc686681e4b} fewer calories than those who didn’t eat chocolate during the same phase.

Experts say that nutritional deficiency and limited calorie intake result in craving for dense foods. Individuals who eat less tend to have higher craving for sugar-based food items. When a person consumes very less amount of carbohydrate, eating some rich dessert helps him or her to regain strength; it allows the person’s system to gather the necessary energy for functioning properly.

It’s true that desserts are definitely not the healthiest carbohydrate source you will come across. However, if you are a healthy person and not suffering from a condition like obesity or diabetes, having dessert is definitely not a sin.